Corporate gifts are what you give to guests so that you can gain favor from them. Now if you are looking for the best ones for it, you can try the promo items being sold at our online shop which is C2BPromo.com. You can have the best items good for a gift for your guests at your company. We at C2BPromo.com have always been a company that has been always will be following a principle that gives meaning to our purpose and that is we value the balance between value and quality. Not only are we going for our success but we are also committed to make your purposes bear fruit and that is to impress your guests.

We have many different branded items that we are willing to sell to you so you can use them as corporate gifts. These promotional products that you can give as gifts for your guests come in different types which can be USB drives, umbrellas, promotional charging cables, shirts, mugs, the ever traditional promotional pens or tote bags that will carry your name of the corporation or its logo if you so desire. We are also proud to say that our products will have the best prices possible that you can really afford and would be worth every cent for its quality. We assure you our promo items which are best for corporate gifts that you are purchasing are factory – direct from China which has the most competitive rates in the industry today. While we are at it, we have a promise to give you. If you have bought an item from our stocks but you incidentally found a cheaper one at another shop whether online or not then we promise to reimburse you double the cost of your order. We are confident that we have the most affordable prices out there right now but who knows, there might just be someone who will sell it for you cheaper so give us a call and we will do something about it.

Here is something we can offer to you that can’t be found anywhere else right now on other online shops. We believe that we give what you always want and we shall deliver like you wanted it to be. We can offer you an industry – leading integrated design tool. What it does is it can give you the power to put your own design like a logo of your company or the brand name on the promo items that you want as corporate gifts. What you can do is you will just have to make your own design in the computer then send that image of yours, uploading the text and images to our servers with our integrated design tool where you can position the image and texts on the item itself. The item will be a virtual rendering of it so you can change the position of the logos whenever you like before you click the submit button. If you are finished, you can then click the submit button and we will receive the exact details or specifications for the design.

Since corporate gifts need to be delivered as soon as possible so that you could get those promo items prepared right away, we will deliver your purchases from our factory which is from China to your doorstep or offices ASAP with the help of our faithful and loyal partner in delivering our items, DHL express shipping. To make it all better, our shipping fees are free of charge. That is quite a great deal because you can save a lot of costs and greatly use that money on other means. You can expect your products to be in your designated addresses within 3 – 5 days. Here is our promise to you though: If we are late on delivering your purchases or something has gone wrong with it, we will reimburse you for it without question. That is how we are very confident in both our employees and of DHL express shipping to properly deliver your purchases safely and on time.

We at C2BPromo.com value your reactions, our service to you and most of all your satisfaction of your purchases from our lineup of promo items which are very suited for corporate gifts. If you have a problem with your purchases or something you would want to ask us, you can contact our 24 – hour support team which is based in Vancouver, Canada. They will help you through email, live chat or phone. Your satisfaction for our services is what we highly value so please contact us if there is a problem.


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